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Marxist Analysis of the 2013 Debt CrisisA Marxist Analysis Of The Current Debt Crisis In America.
By now, most anyone who has been paying attention to American politic will have become deeply familiar with the crisis in Congress. Once more, the Democrats and Republicans are waging verbal war over raising the nation's debt ceiling. The point of contention largely falls on the funding of "Obamacare" (Officially the Affordable Care Act) which went into effect roughly two weeks ago. The Republicans also point out, for legitimacy's sake, the excessive spending of the Federal Government in general as well.
Now, as "Obamacare" has gone into effect, and was upheld by the Supreme Court as Constitutional, there is very little standing in the way of it's implementation. The Republican opposition to the new law is largely, repeat largely, ideological in nature. It represents to them a quasi-Socialist level of government "intrusion" into individual lives. Not only that, but golly-gee, it might just be expensive. Certainly the Cong
On The Importance Of BooksOn The Importance Of Books.
In this new age, one filled with electronic media and technological convenience, I feel we have to some degree lost appreciation of books. While it is a sin alone that many no longer really read, and it is a sin, I feel that there is something very trying with the attitude of "I'll just download it." To me, personally, this is a sloppy excuse for literature. It is not to say that I dislike modern conveniences. Obviously with my use of the Internet and computer alone, I enjoy these devices.
But to undervalue the importance of a book, to have a text in hard copy, would be criminal in my opinion. With the rise of e-readers, one can now store what would be hundreds of books on one device. While this is very good in terms of space and storage, I feel that something as enjoyable as a novel is worthy of the shelving it would occupy. The benefit of hard copy in relation to digital means would be that one can easily lose their e-reader. While
Memories of the Great WarI'm sitting here again. After these odd thoughts and memories started, I was compelled to put on the trench coat. Well, not the trench coat. That one is long gone, but the one I have in this life.
I'm not sure if I have an overactive imagination or if I'm really remembering this. It fills me with anxiety, thinking about it. The memories of that time come back to me, little bit and snap shots of the past. A past I ought not recall. A time when the world was on fire.
I'm not sure what year it was, perhaps 1916. Thats my gut feeling on it. Cowering in a dug out, the dirt walls shaking a bit as the shells are falling outside. Seems like it was going on for years, all the explosions. We're all terrified, some of us bold enough to peer out the doorway from time to time. There was alot of dust thrown up, the sky looked a bit muddy through that little hole. At one point, farther down the line, a shell found it's mark. We'd have to get that section rebuilt. It was one hell of an explosio
On Anarcho-CapitalismAnarcho-capitalism is often considered a cousin to minarchism - but it has one crucial difference which is precisely the difference between minarchism and capitalism: Anarcho-capitalists reject the doctrine of collective self-defense. Indeed, they necessarily reject the doctrine of self-defense entirely, as anywhere violence is encountered, the party that wins, wins; there is no agency which can be granted the function of determining whether the party that won was in the wrong or in the right, because that agency, granted that it had the right of arbitration which necessarily would require it possess the right to enforce that arbitration, would be government.
The suggestion that you can hire out to agencies such as police ignores the fundamental problem that those agencies, in order to be effective, must be capable of enforcing themselves on individuals who have -not- agreed to their policies; anarcho-capitalism ignores the problem that those who government would protect you from are n
On EconomicsStagflation is the critical flaw in Keynesian economics. Keynes believed it could not happen. Effectively, stagflation is what happens when government starts increasing its spending during a depression - prices start rising (inflation), and the depression isn't reversed, partly because rising prices discourage additional spending. A more complicated, in-depth explanation would take a block of text you wouldn't care to wander through.
In short, Keynesian economics relies upon the idea that inflation is strongly associated with economic growth, and that if government engages in inflationary economic activities, it will spur economic growth. That strong association has been proven false, and we have encountered stagnant inflation with every recession and depression since Keynes was in office, eighty years ago.
Essentially, laissez-faire economics has been shown, in the experiment of the last eighty years, to be at the very least no worse than Keynesian economics, and likely better.
On AtheismA lot of people react quite oddly to learning that I'm an atheist, especially people from countries like Iran. Those conversations run sort of like this:
"So what religion are you?" (They don't type this well, and certainly spelling and grammar are terrible, but in the interest of legibility we'll overlook this.)
"Why?" (This always follows. Always.)
"Why not?"
"So you don't believe in God?" (Replace God with the respective deity they worship.)
"Yes you do." (This always turns up, also.)
"No, I don't."
"You are lying to yourself." (They are rarely this polite or intelligible, but this is the general gist.)
"God exists."
"You know it in your heart."
"How can you deny God?"
"I don't believe in him."
"He believes in you."
...and there I'll stop, because generally I stop responding at this point, out of respect for their idiocy. And this is what I get from almost every religious person: "[Deity here] believes in you." Doesn't matter if th
What I Desire For AmericaBloggers like myself tend to be little more than muckrakers—people who complain about problems without offering any solutions. This is especially true with conservatives and libertarians, especially those in the Tea Party, who, at this point, merely stand for opposing anything liberals stand for—which isn't a bad criterion, since liberals tend to stand for bad ideas (gun control, healthcare mandates, net neutrality, Fairness Doctrine). But a solid political philosophy requires that you stand for something; otherwise, as the old saying goes, you stand for nothing.
Which is why I'm listing the policies I wish to see implemented in our country. These are things I believe every American, regardless of their political party, should stand for—anything else is against their best interests.
(I admit that some of these positions are rather vague, as I don't know the specific details as to how they would be implemented. Then again, I have no intention of running for office. I, unl
What White Genocide?There are two types of racists. The first type are imaginary racists—those deemed "racist" by liberals for not supporting their politicians (Barack Obama), pundits (Al Sharpton), or policies (Affirmative Action). Focusing on these "racists" only diminishes the true definition of racism—which is the irrational hatred of other races—and detracts from true racists (which would be the second type).
The second type are true racists: white nationalists, white supremacists, hereditarians, skinheads, Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members—individuals who are so insecure about their own lives and of other races that they need to delude themselves with racially-charged conspiracy theories, assuring themselves that their shortcomings in life are not their fault, but that of the Zionist government that provides welfare to African Americans and jobs to illegal immigrants.
One of these conspiracy theories is that of white genocide, the idea that the declining population of Caucasians ve
Is Critical Thinking Dead?The more I delve into the cesspool of social media, the more I'm convinced that my generation is incapable of critical thought.
Consider rape, for example.
I always thought I was looking out for the best interests of my female friends by advising them not to walk alone late at night or to accept drinks from strangers.
But apparently, according to Tumblr feminists, offering that advice makes me a "rape apologist" and "victim blamer" because it assumes women deserve to be raped if they don't take such precautions.
By that logic, I must also believe that victims of theft deserve to be mugged if I advise people not to carry large amounts of cash and flash it in public!
No, clearly, rather than teaching women to protect themselves from potential rapists, I should be teaching potential rapists (i.e.: MENZ!) not to rape.
What I should really do is tell my guy friends not to have sex with women without their consent--which I'm pretty sure they already know, or if they don't know, they don't ca
One Day in Politics RepubilcaIt was one crisp morning in Politics Republica when the bells high up in the mountains rang. Some prefered to sleep in but others decide to start their day. The citizens had two big buildings that most of the business was conducted within. Even though there was no rule, that didn't mean there was no order. Any laws concerning financial or otherwise was a direct vote. The community also had a pipe system for voting, money transactions, or to send mail to the post office.
The community had their merchants as they lived in two places. This created the need of dual living status that help curb the need for extra taxes and fights from the leaders of the other state. They sold paper, multi color ink, grains, wine, goat meat, metal ore, and other things that could be harvested. They usually kept the roads clear and had a device that blocked the road if a major troll attack happened.
Some of the citizens their rocker so to speak. This caused an interesting debate for them. It was no
A Resturant Owner and Her Motor ScooterIt was 4:30 am when darkanddeifant opened up her resturant. It was a beautiful. The sun was raising and she knew TrueSoprano would be sending over some fruit soon. She had order a lot of fruit due to the fact that it'll be 2 two before she can order again. She turned around to see a newbie holding her order instead of the messenger
"Sorry about this miss but, my boss is on vacation." Said the messegner.
"Where do I sign?" Said darkanddeifant.
After getting her fruit order, she needed meat and fish. So, she hopped on her bad ass motor scooter. She put on her unicorn helmet, placed her deal with it googles over her eyes, and wrapped her rainbow scarf around her neck be for taking off. The Cost was refreshing sight to see. Popping wheelies on the smooth ground. Playing a tune on her radio. All was going good until she arrived at the farm were she met the owner's new hand.
Kell0x owned the farm but, her farm hand, quixotic-spark ran it. He employed a few new hand to take care of the butche
How Not to be a Camwhore on dAFirst off, a camwhore is someone who post mostly pictures of themselves and little to no vareity in their pictures. Most camwhores are young but can hit well into their 40 upon which some of their assets sag a little. Some of the reasons why camwhore exist is because the attention they get from strangers who they don't know. Some get creeped out by the strangers advances or some enjoys it. They can be plain or a freaking frankenstien of bright colors. Look for the signs:
What's in their gallery? If their gallery is bursting at the seams with pictures of them, that an easy mark.
How are they dressed?Some camwhores where plain clothes but others go all out. Some dress provocatively. Some barely wear clothes in their pictures.
Do they have variety? The one thing about a gallery is, no matter  how much similar the style is, there's still some variety in there.
How not to be a camwhore here is really simple:
1. Have variety. If you have less pictures of
The truth is a harsh mistressThe Tauren district of Orgrimmar was quiet beyond the crackling of fire & braziers in the spring night. The local Sunwalkers were still awake, chatting & preparing for the next day of work that laid before them.  Aikane Grimtotem was gently polishing his armor as he listened to his fellow Sunwalker converse about local rumors.
"That's now what I heard. Seems Kurn is seeing one of the local Troll Witch Doctors near the Valley of Spirit." Said the female Tauren nearby Aikane, she was big into gossiping and the news of the hour was over who  Kurn, a fellow Sunwalker, was seeing on his off time. Of course to share in this chat was Aikane himself. " Ishna, do you honestly think he would go out with a troll? Their woman are easy on the eyes, but having one for a mate? I don't know the logic of that...."  Ishna snorted for a second " You're too old fashion, Aikane, and being a Grimtotem of all people."
Aikane stopped polishing for a moment and looked at her " I w
My days of a monk.All around this rock,
images are seen.
The people see things and eat them.
They are in pleasure for themselves.
Carnal ideals swell and invade my mind.
I have lost my path, and my heart.
When will such thoughts go away?
Will I be able to find my road again?
Nothing in this world will give me my earn bliss.
All things of this world is temporary pleasure.
I rather be in a short bit of pain for eternal pleasure,
then a little pleasure for eternal pain.
How can I live with fools everyday?
How does one able to battle the jinn?
How is one able to battle the trials by fire?
How is one able to be himself?
Nothing but fear for men.Silent,
then war.
These steps produce nothing short of hate in humanity.
Something I detest to the core.
Leaders, so proud and willing to help men.
Their pride holds them.
Making them see what they want to see.
The truth does not gain any type of pridful actions.
She sits and tells people the reality of the world.
However, only if people will listen to her, can such actions be made.
The men of this world act like someone they are not.
They act like cowards from the sight of the truth.
Begging that the light they 'protect' be turned off.
The sweet lady of truth does nothing in the men's actions.
For she will one kill them with her sword and  put thier heads up in display.
Oh such a sight that day, when the fortress the men hide crumbles.
When the gold they hid, and the grain they ate will return.
I await for judgement Truth, waiting for your sweet sword to cut off those men.

ALL of the works and content in my gallery are copyrighted (2007-2009). My work is NOT public domain and may not be used for any other layouts, blogs, banners, etc. All rights reserved.
Please respect copyrights!!!

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